Setting up OpenVswitch and Mininet 2.2 on Ubuntu 14.04

In this tutorial I’ll briefly describe how to perform a standard installation of Mininet. This tutorial should work on Ubuntu 14.04.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y git
git clone git://
cd mininet
git checkout -b 2.2.0 2.2.0
util/ -nfv

Do -h to explore additional options.

 -a: (default) install (A)ll packages - good luck!
 -b: install controller (B)enchmark (oflops)
 -c: (C)lean up after kernel install
 -d: (D)elete some sensitive files from a VM image
 -e: install Mininet d(E)veloper dependencies
 -f: install Open(F)low
 -h: print this (H)elp message
 -i: install (I)ndigo Virtual Switch
 -k: install new (K)ernel
 -m: install Open vSwitch kernel (M)odule from source dir
 -n: install Mini(N)et dependencies + core files
 -p: install (P)OX OpenFlow Controller
 -r: remove existing Open vSwitch packages
 -s : place dependency (S)ource/build trees in 
 -t: complete o(T)her Mininet VM setup tasks
 -v: install Open (V)switch
 -V : install a particular version of Open (V)switch on Ubuntu
 -w: install OpenFlow (W)ireshark dissector
 -y: install R(y)u Controller
 -x: install NO(X) Classic OpenFlow controller
 -0: (default) -0[fx] installs OpenFlow 1.0 versions
 -3: -3[fx] installs OpenFlow 1.3 versions

As described, -nfvy will install the ryu controller, -nfvp will install the pox controller.
Do a basic test do:

sudo mn --test pingall

Mininet automates a great part of the installation job for you.

For complete instructions visit the original installation instructions for Mininet)

PS.:You might need to update some dependencies for the ryu controller if you are using Ubuntu 14.04.


I'm a Network Engineer with software development experiences. MSCS from Georgia Tech. CCNA certified. ONF-SDN certified.

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3 comments on “Setting up OpenVswitch and Mininet 2.2 on Ubuntu 14.04
  1. Bill Stewart says:

    By now you should be able to just do “sudo apt-get install mininet” instead of needing git.


  2. @gautham says:

    Please tell me about implementing bfd in mininet using open daylight controller


  3. Jeremiah says:

    I am trying to find out how to connect two or more controllers in miniedit for redundancy. I will appreciate your thoughts on this.


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