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Heard about GitOps?

Howdy! This is just a reading recommendation: I recently stumbled upon an article that is INCREDIBLE. Definitely a must-read: GitOps: A Path to More Self-service IT I’m just going to paste the best excerpts from the article: To recap, a

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Test-driven Network Automation

It’s been a while. In my last post, I narrated my experience at the NANOG 72 hackathon where I started working on a canarying project. I’m going to dive deeper into the underlying concepts for Test-driven Network Automation. Why? Justifiably

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What’s happening in 2018?

I was going through old blog posts and stumbled on this article where I explained my views on the state and future of the Networking Industry in Jan’17. In this article, I’d like to do the same for 2018. The year of 2017

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DevOps essentials: Developer Environment

“90% of coding is debugging, the other 10% is writing bugs.” If you develop any code you know how true this is. This implies the speed you correct bugs is what really dictates your feature release velocity. This relates to a

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Network Heresy

Tales of the network reformation

How to Do Great Research

Grad school survival advice from Nick Feamster and Alex Gray


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