Easiest way to develop on ONOS

I just started interning at the ON.LAB. We are developing the ONOS controller and other things.
The learning curve for ONOS is a bit of a challenge compared to its python competitors. But it has several features that a carrier-grade controller need and make the effort worth. To me, the two most important things are:

  • The Flow-objective abstraction
  • High-availability mechanisms

I’ll talk more about them in another posts.
Today I’ll show you the easiest way to setup your development environment.

cd ~
git clone https://gerrit.onosproject.org/onos
. ~/onos/tools/dev/bash_profile
cd onos

This will take a while to finish… While you are waiting check this another post with a series of very explicative videos about ONOS.
After it done do.

ok clean

That’s it the controller is on.
For detailed information check the ONOS from Scratch tutorial
I hope this was helpful

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